the 'Closer' Artwork we did for The Chainsmokers

We were asked by The Chainsmokers to produce the artwork for their big summer smash ‘Closer’. They wanted something that would be timeless and also as iconic as the ‘Roses’ artwork we did the year before had been for them in 2015.

Client: The Chainsmokers

Services: Graphic Design, Art Direction

Year: 2016



Feeding off the vibes we got from the demo, we decided to create a pose of two lovers frozen in an embrace, almost frozen in time. We liked the idea of linking their story by interweaving their ink working parts of the lyrics into their tattoos.

We did a lot of research into ‘couples tattoos’ and into finding the strongest pose to make them almost seems like they were one entity, and not two people.

We then booked a shoot and shot lots of poses and options which we then ended up combining into our final canvas, then we photoshopped all the tattoos over the final pose of the couple.




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